The power of photography

Photography in Coaching

What photos are made from?

You could answer that they are made from light and time. And this is correct.

But I would answer that photos are made from people perceptions and choices to see things. And it is also true.

In both cases, invisible becomes visible.

This is the power of the photography.


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Soul Captures

It is not the pose that speaks to my lenses but the ephemeral glint of passion or sorrow.

There is an old say that a photograph might steal the soul of its subject, but the click of the shutter steals from my soul and enriches the one captured in the dark room

No Tourist in Dubai

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see” – GK Chesterton

At the beginning there was nothing but dunes of pink sand undulating the horizon. Then man came and raised a shade to shield him from the scorching day. And the shade grew roots deep in the sand, getting burnt by the salty waters lurking beneath. From roots shoot up phallic symbols of human endurance. And bridges over quiet waters. This is the city that lures millions and traps a few in its flashy glamor and merciless struggle to fit.

The colors pour into the eyes, filling the corners and charming the day…but black and white brings in a depth of emotions and a mystery that compels the viewer to look beyond appearances.

“Visualization is the single most important factor in photography” – Ansel Adams



Living fast in a busy city robs me of the pleasures of the soul. The dull days and nights pushed me to leave the car in the parking and explore on foot the neighborhood. Not little was my surprise to find spots bringing back memories of other places from other times.

The loneliness of this road snaking its way close to the sea shore sang in harmony with the solitude I crave at the end of an intense week. Hence why I feel this capture as my favorite of 2017.